Creation's Care Pet Sitting, LLC  

 Professional pet care when you're not there 

Pet Sitting, Creation's Care Pet Sitting, LLC

Leave your pets at home when you travel and relay on the professional care of Creation's Care Pet Sitting to care for your pets when you're not there!  Here are our services for when you are away.  We care for dogs, cats, caged animals, and farm animals (limited basis only).  all services include mail/newspaper pickup, taking trash to the curb on trash day, alternating lights, watering plants, and any med administration that your pets may need.  Contact us today to schedule a FREE meet and greet!
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Daytime Care Visit

Our daytime care visit is comprised of a thirty (30) minute visit with the purpose of feeding, checking water supply, and engaging in play with the pets.  Though dog walks are not included in this visit (see below for those services), we will let them out into a fenced backyard or adjacent enclosure.  Mail/Newspaper retrieval and light alteration is included.

$15.  Need us to stay longer?  Each additional half hour will be $15. 

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Dog Walks

Does your pooch need some exercise?  Can't get them out for their daily walk around the block?  No problem.  Creation's Care offers dog walking services in half- hour increments.  And just in case thirty minutes isn't enough, you can request us to stay longer (billed per half hour). All walks are logged with the Walk for A Dog app, benefiting the Companion Animal Rescue Endeavor

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Overnight Pet Care

Prefer us to stay overnight with your pet?  Overnight pet visits are available by request from 8pm through 8am.  Consecutive night stays will include a FREE midday visit  $50