Creation's Care Pet Sitting, LLC  

 Professional pet care when you're not there 

Why should we use your services instead of boarding our dog?

  • Your pet can keep his or her routine. Especially if you own a puppy or kitten, sticking to a bathroom and feeding regimen is essential.
  • Contagious diseases, like kennel cough, distemper, giardiasis and coccidiosis are found in kennels. The cramped conditions make it simple for viruses and parasites to travel with ease among dogs and cats. Puppies and kittens especially should avoid being boarded as their immune systems are very susceptible to picking up these illnesses.  When your pet remains in the safety of their own home, exposure to these diseases is minimal.
  • In the event of an emergency, we are specially trained to handle any health emergencies that may occur. If you have a pet with special dietary or medical needs, the caretaker can administer medications.
  • We give your pets the special attention and playtime at every visit; things that kennels charge extra for.
  • We bring in mail, water plants, and turn lights on/off to deter burglars while you're away.
  • Kennel staff will perform feedings, bathroom breaks, and walks according to their schedule, not yours. Particularly with puppies, sticking to a schedule is important, so boarding a young animal is not recommended.

Are you insured and bonded?

Yes!  We are insured an bonded through Business Insurers of the Carolina's.  Click here to see our most recent certificate

Do you board pets in your home?

No.  For the safety of both our personal pets and your, we never board in our home.  Rather, we come to your home and care for your pets there, where things are familiar to your pet.  This reduces their stress level and allows them to maintain their normal feeding and exercise routines.

Will you take our pets to the vet for us?

We only take your pet to the vet if they are having a medical emergency and need to be seen immediately.  We currently do not have a taxi service and ask that you take care of any routine visits before you leave on business or vacation travel.

I work long hours and am away all day from home.  Do you offer a dog walking service as well?

Yes!!  Please see our services page for more details on our dog walking services.

What type of Vaccine History do you require?

All pets must have a current rabies vaccine. 

Dogs must be up to date with either a positive DA2PP titer test or vaccine

Cats must be up to date with either a FVRCP vaccine or positive titer for Panleukopenia

What is a Titer Test?

While this can be a very controversial subject amongst veterinary practitioners, titer testing is an alternative to "blindly" giving another vaccine simply because the pet is due to get it.  Most titers consist of a blood test that measures the antibodies for the particular disease being tested in order to determine if the pet actually needs to have that particular vaccine boostered at that time.  Click here for more information on titers.